The How to Study 8 week crash course - skills that every student needs

Every student needs to know how to study, but many don’t! This prevents them from realising their true potential. We have a solution to try and address this issue.

We offer a part-time course that is taken over 8 weeks, and ends with an end of course assessment. Consisting of 8 easy to follow weekly modules. All students need, is access to the internet.

Students are supplied with online e-books and all studying is done online. This course is aimed at all students from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

In the course, some of what you will learn is –

  • Identifying your personality type.
  • Preparing you to make a success of any qualification you want to obtain.
  • Providing strategies to cover all academic aspects in a short period of time.
  • Offering insights on how to tackle study material that other students find difficult.
  • Developing an understanding on how the learning process works.
  • Identifying skills that you already have!
  • Providing you with the resources to evaluate and manage your studies better.
  • Helping you study better and attain better results!


$ 32
  • per course
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